‘Vikings’ Holding Open Casting Call For Extras In Season 6

HISTORY, believe it or not, has actually not formally announced that season 6 will happen, but it’s now more-or-less confirmed as the hit show will hold a open casting call for extras in season 6.

Michael Hirst did say that the show will “certainly go into season six” despite any announcement from the History Channel. This casting event near enough confirms that it will happen, they wouldn’t go through the trouble of doing this should it not happen, right?

The casting for extras will take place later this month for scenes that will be filmed in September.  If you want to apply, you need to be in Dublin on August 29-30th and join the huge queue of like-minded people. If past castings are anything to go by, and given that the show get’s bigger and bigger every year, we can expect an absolutely HUGE amount of people there this year.

The History Channel has a very specific brief of people they would like to apply and the roles they will be doing, see here:

Fishermen, carpenters, craftspeople, farmworkers, axe men/women, skilled swords people, M&F archers, bowmen & women, M&F rowers, M&F sailors, ship hands & deckhands, calligraphers, Latin speakers, Arab speakers, musicians, midwives, nurses, animal handlers, hunters, blacksmiths, lumberjacks, magicians, jugglers, tree surgeons, whittlers, males with all types of haircuts especially, long hair and beards, all sporty types, martial artists, boxers, no visible tattoos, women with all lengths of naturally coloured hair, all men prepared to grow hair and beards and men and women with punk style haircuts.

Would you wait in a queue this long? watch a video from YouTube of a past Vikings casting call below!


If you live in the Dublin area and are interested (what Vikings fan wouldn’t be) you can see how to apply HERE.



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  1. I definitely would wait on the line, I am actor first and dedicated fan last so it would be a Win! Win! situation how ever you see it. Unfortunately I am here in NY but seriously considering to travel just to get the chance to audition for a role on the show. #msginadiaz #actorslife #tvfilm #vikings

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