Cancelled Showtime Drama ‘Episodes’ Plans Comeback With Movie

‘Episodes’ will be ending after season 5, but its creator hasn’t got plans to completely end the drama and has been approached for a movie comeback.

Would you get excited about this? The show’s co-creator Jeffrey Klarik revealed that season 5 will end with a ‘Sense of finality’ but hasn’t ruled out a movie, and said that it is being considered.

Speaking with THR, he revealed that he has been approached about a movie. He is yet to confirm or deny it and seems to be keeping his cards close to his chest but admits the idea is appealing. Teasing fans, he said “We’ll see”. Read what he said in full below and make of it what you will: 

“We’ve been approached to do a film version of it, which is something we never thought of doing and are now thinking about ideas and how we could go about rethinking this as a film. We end it with a sense of finality; but on the other hand, the idea of reimagining it is appealing. We’ll see.”

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At the moment, it looks like a movie is more likely than a season 6. With a whole new season, should a movie not be made it could be possible that we may see a revival in future years. If a movie is released though, we should expect it to be the absolute finale.

Watch the season 5/Episode 1 trailer below:


Episodes is currently streaming on Showtime for its seven-part 5th season.

Do you think Episodes would make a good movie or would you settle for a season 6?

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