‘Stranger Things’ Was Initially Meant To Be A Feature Movie

Creators of Netflix hit Stranger Things initially pitched the show as a movie, but nobody was interested in it being a film.

Behind-the-scenes in the production of the Science Fiction show the crew encountered a huge array of problems, and changed an awful lot of things, stuff that could have made the masterpiece we’ve all seen an awful lot different. Maybe better, possibly worse? Read some problems the crew encountered below!


“Nobody wanted to hear movie ideas. They wanted to hear television ideas,” – said Matt Duffer on why they ditched the movie idea and developed it into a TV show. In the end, director Shawn Levy opted to pitch the idea as an 8-hour movie, explaining that it could be watched in one sitting and “You could choose to take breaks, but if you opted to watch it straight through, as many people have, we wanted it to feel of one unique piece of film that happens to be on a television screen.”

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As we all know, 80’s music is a huge part of what makes the show so attractive, from classic rock songs, to brilliant synth pieces reminiscent of Tangerine Dream. One classic the show rejuvenated was ‘Should I Stay Or Should I Go’ by ‘The Clash’ . However, this track proves a hard one to use, with the show’s music supervisor Nora Fender having to dig deep to persuade the band to let them use their track – Fender advertised the show to them by saying the 1980’s rock hit wouldn’t be used as a joke. Eventually they allowed their track to be used, as Stranger Things fans we’d love to say a collective – Thank You!

Season 2 of “Stranger Things” streams in full on October 27 on Netflix.

What’s your favorite Stranger Things moment?

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