‘Game Of Thrones’ Actor Richard Dormer Formed A Band Called The ‘Brotherhood Without Banjos’ On Set

In an interview with Game Of Thrones’ network HBO, Richard Dormer spoke about his character Beric Dondarrion’s cool sword and also him & his colleagues forming a band on set.


Some fans actually thought that the epic flaming sword that Beric used to defeat the wights in the latest episode was fake, thankfully Dormer cleared this up for us by confirming it’s definitely real as well as giving us a good insight into the weapon itself: “Yes, the flaming sword is real. It only burns for two minutes at a time, and you can’t swing it too quickly, so you have to slow down your moves, which is actually quite tiring. It weighs about three times as much as a normal sword. It’s a pretty impressive weapon.”

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He spoke of his odd filming experience too – specifically the challenge of imagining being attacked by a polar bear, and having to act it out.

” It was very cold, wet and physical. Hot as well, running around imagining a 12-foot flaming polar bear. It’s pretty weird, but it was fun.”

The actor also discussed the humor on set and specifically a joke band that he created with some colleagues during their time waiting, a band they called the ‘Brotherhood Without Banjos‘ making fun of the show’s ‘Brotherhood Without Banners’. It’s time to see them go on tour with Kristian Nairn (Hodor) on his ‘Rave Of Thrones’.  Read what he said below:

“It was really exciting. They’re all a lovely bunch of guys. There was a lot of camaraderie and humor. There was about five of us out the seven who played an instrument, so we also formed a little band with ukulele and guitars called the Brotherhood Without Banjos. We would entertain ourselves, making little tunes. We’re ready to go on world tour.”

If you want to read the full interview – see here.

‘Game Of Thrones’ season 7 is available on HBO.

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