‘Friday Night Dinner’ Renewed For Season 5 By Channel 5 – Details Of New Season

The critically acclaimed comedy will return for a 5th season on Channel 5.

With the series in a strong place, a 5th renewal is no surprise and Channel 5 could be hungry for more renewals in the future should the series live up to expectations.

The comedy has proved to be one of the biggest players in its genre today. It has been nominated for multiple BAFTA awards as well as the British Comedy Awards. It is no wonder that Channel 5 quickly renewed the show.

Should there be no delays, the new season of Friday Night Dinner should be airing on Channel 4 early next year with 8 brand-new episodes. Tom Rosenthal says the new season will be “Fridayer and Nighter and Dinnerer than ever.”

Speaking of season 5, creator Robert Pepper was extremely excited about it and looks forward to taking the family in a whole new direction, read what he said below: 

 “I’m thrilled to be making a fifth series, and to be taking the show in a completely new, and radical direction. Friday Night Dinner 5 will be shot entirely in black and white, with the family now living and working on a barge in the North Sea. In addition, all actors will have their voices pitch-shifted three octaves higher, with the exception of Mark Wahlberg, whose voice remains the same.”


When ‘Friday Night Dinner’ returns, we’ll see the Goodman family return to their usual antics. Read the synopsis here: In Series 5, Mum and Dad get a hot tub, much to the horror of Adam and Jonny, Adam accidentally sets his car on fire, Jonny won’t stop prank-calling Adam, Dad becomes obsessed with his old, terrifying ventriloquist dummy, Mum organises her own, terrible surprise party, Jim goes on a date from beyond hell, Horrible Grandma comes back for more horribleness – and the family have dinner.

What’s your favorite moment from the series so far? We’d love to know!

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