‘The Walking Dead’ Star Teases Many Deaths In Season 8 ‘Let’s Thin The Herd’

The upcoming season 8 of AMC’s The Walking Dead will see the end of many characters, according to actor and villain in the show, Steven Ogg.

Ogg plays Simon on the show, villain and right-hand man of Negan. He is best known for his work as Simon as well as Trevor from Rockstar game ‘Grand Theft Auto 5’. In a recent interview with, he implied that the new season will be another brutal one and in his own words said it will ‘Thin the herd’. Read part of what he told them below:

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“Yeah, I mean s—, it’s like whenever people say, ‘Are you going to die? Or do you know yet?’.  Yeah, everyone’s going to die at some point, right? They all die.”

Giving his own description of season 8, he said:

“Yeah, let’s thin the herd, man, let’s thin the herd”

When he teased this, he could not just mean Alexandrian’s falling, but maybe even some of the antagonists. Possibly even Simon himself? You never know with this show. However, this is highly unlikely with Steven Ogg being promoted to a series regular for season 8. The new season promises the highly-anticipated All-Out-War story-line we’ve been waiting for so let’s hope it lives up to our expectations.

Watch the season 8 trailer below: 


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