House Of Cards Renewed For Season 6 By Netflix

Netflix have quietly renewed their hit political drama for a sixth season.

According to reports, Netflix have renewed HOUSE OF CARDS for a sixth season. This show is in the bracket of Netflix Originals that really begun to make the network take off and become one of the biggest in the industry. The reports inform us that the next season will be set for a summer release in 2018. Stay tuned as we will bring you all the news on this show as it happens. Below you can read an extract of an interview where actress from the drama Robin Wright talked about a new season.

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Season 5 aired on May 30th. During the most recent season of House of Cards we saw Kevin Spacey (Francis Underwood) and Robin Wright (as Claire Underwood), whose characters have always been each other’s strongest allies but they began to show cracks in their relationship.


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In a recent interview with THR regarding season 6, actress Robin Wight claimed that the crew have plans to introduce new twists, trials and tribulations in the lives of the onscreen couple. According to her, the new season will be gripping an will keep the viewers glued to the screens. Read what she said below: 

“The vein [and] the artery of the show is so set in stone. It lives on its own and we just try to enhance certain things and try not to recycle the same ideas. You’re always trying to come up with twists and turns with this kind of drama. And again [having] the key to not give the audience what they expect. Let’s shock and surprise them.”

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  1. Season 6 will see both out of politics I e the White House they will be focused on building an international financial empire .they will interface with various nations governments and will be in any number of exciting confrontations with them in their efforts to and its related travelling mates politics and economics will be the prevailing themes .this will make the season unbelievably mr spacey and robin talk to your favourite economists and Cpa s for some real life goings on .

  2. Claire probably didn’t pardon Frank so as to make it clear to the American junta that her rule will be completely unaffected by her husband. That they are in no sort of collusion at all. She will most probably pardon her quietly after Francis spends some time in jail. She is ultimately playing the game Francis laid but more skillfully and not as lucidly as Francis wanted her. Of course this hurts him right now, but they will ultimatley partner and realise that this is the most effective way to gain complete hegemonic domination.

  3. Frank spends time in Hades, makes out with Satan, then Claire gets bit by a spider and develops super powers so she can fight the Xmen and defeat their zeal for good with her zeal for evil. Neo enters the epic battle when he discovered that Claire killed Morphius. Santa Clause tries to deliver toys but his sleigh is shot down by Frank (but of course, Frank blames Russia) so that he can distract the news cycle from his insidious activities, and take a long overdue bath. God knows he’s been so busy he hasn’t had time for a nice bubble bath in years.

  4. Nothing would surprise me as to what Claire will
    do. She is PURE EVIL, Plain & Simple!! I think that her ego will get the best of her for a while. But of course Frank will eventually knock her down off of her high horse that she has been on. Frank didn’t save Tom’s body on ice for just a momento. He will being throwing it at Claire to knock her back down for sure. I would have to agree with the others that have posted on here that Frank and Claire will eventually reunite as one once again, to rule both in and out of government. Of course I am certain that their relationship (at least at some point) will come by way of Blackmail by Frank. Either way, How can you Not LOVE THIS SHOW! Spacey talking to us is just Awesome!!!!

  5. Spacey is the most interesting person on the show. if Frank disappears so will HOC and maybe Netflix in time……..not to be hatin’ besides Flix ain’t stupid.

  6. Well, perhaps after they’re finished trashing the institution of the American presidency, Frank and Claire will become involved with, perhaps, providing espionage and private covert services to the U.S., as well as to other governments and/or to international business concerns. Maybe, in the course of their search for power, they will affiliate with international businesses, the business interests of which are fundamentally in conflict. It would be fun to see Frank and Claire finally unleash their scorched-earth diplomacy in attempts to manipulate one another, while uncertain as to the sources of the other’s true supports and power, and where their interests had been invested…

  7. I love this show!!!!! Frank might kill Claire but the two of them together you never know what will happen…..can not wait to Season 6 #francis #claire #powercouple #whitehouseforever

  8. I don’t care what happens.. This series has had me hooked from day 1. I cant stop watching. I dont want to speculate, as I love the plot twists and misdirection. If this ways the only thing on netflix i would still happily subscribe….

  9. Claire makes her best attempt at being president without Frank or any real advisors without their own agenda. Meanwhile, feuding with Frank on the side in a multitude of ways for the first few episodes , (especially Frank having the corpse of Tom Yates, thats gonna be ugly). Inevitable reconciliation will occur when both realize, once again, as always, they are stronger together than they could ever be apart. From there I’d say Frank and Doug are pardoned quietly and get themselves into some private sector gig and corroborate with Claire while she is in office, make some kind of major moves in the middle east.

  10. It’s not likely, that Kevin Spacey as the most famous actor will be killed. Since there is no choice for his character, to go to prison or be pardoned by his wife, we might see a reunion after some struggle. Claire has no real supporters in DC. And the murder of Tom hanging over her head. Maybe she will need Francis help after all.
    There is still much room for new twists and turns in House of Cards!

  11. Since Claire doesn’t reveal her true self so its quite difficult to predict what could be her next course of action. won’t be surprised if she kills Francis. Lets see who outmaneuvers whom.

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