‘Twin Peaks’ Season 4 Unlikely – But Heather Graham ‘Would Love’ A Return

Will Twin Peaks fans see Annie Blackburn make a return? Actress Heather Graham would  Love to make a return to the show, heaping praise on creator David Lynch.

Poster from ‘Twin Peaks’

Unfortunately, Showtime recently declared that if writer David Lynch doesn’t want to return again,  Twin Peaks won’t return for a fourth season. However, original series star Heather Graham would “love” to reprise her role should another revival happen which is very unlikely at this moment in time. Speaking with digitalspy.com she said she’d love to make a return and once more work with David Lynch, read what she said below: 

“I mean, I was never in the early episodes. I came on towards the end, so I wasn’t part of the original cast. I don’t know the plot, the story, but I would love to work with David Lynch again – he’s amazing.”

As you may know, Heather Graham played the role of Annie back in the original series in 1991, and also returned for the spin-off movie ‘Fire Walk With Me’ the following year. Annie’s story left on somewhat of a cliffhanger in the original series, how much would you love to see her return to the screens, possibly in the final two episodes?

Actor Kyle Kyle MacLachlan also praised the shows creator David Lynch on his work for this season, and said: “I had such a wonderful time on the [Season 3 revival]. And you’re talking about working again with David Lynch, so that’s a no brainer.”

The ‘Twin Peaks’ revival comes back this coming Sunday night with a double-episode finale, which could quite possibly prove to be the final ever Twin Peaks we’ll ever see! Are you ready?

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