The Missing Season 3 Might Not Return On BBC – Spin-Off May Happen

Its been coming, and now it it more likely than ever that popular BBC crime show The Missing will not return after two highly-successful seasons – but a spin-off is possible.

Co-creators Harry and Jack Williams confirmed while speaking to Digital Spy that the Starz/BBC mystery thriller will not see a much-wanted return for Season 3. However, on a positive note, the duo hope to continue to franchise and develop the world further in the form of a potential spin-off series. Read what Harry said below:

“We want to do something with Tcheky [Karyo, who plays Baptiste] again – we want to keep that character alive. I think we will revisit him in some form or another.

I’d be leaning towards a spin-off, personally. But God knows what any of the channels think.”

Other co-creator, Jack,  also added to Harry’s statement, claiming that nothing is official yet but it’s an idea that they two are definitely passionate about. See below: 

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“This is totally just us talking – but we’d like to see Baptiste again, we’d like to revisit the tone and the feel of that world.

We don’t want to do it, like, ‘More missing children!’ – but revisiting him, and the feel of The Missing, is something we have started talking about in the last couple of months. So hopefully there may be news on that soon.”

With the two creators passionate about creating a spin-off, and considering the success of the parent series, there is no way why the BBC & Starz won’t highly consider it.

“We were so pleased that people liked The Missing. You don’t want them to be like, ‘Oh, and then they made the third one and it was shit!’”

‘The Missing’ managed to attract an average of 8 Million UK viewers per episode in the two series according to Wikipedia.

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