‘Stranger Things’ Star Reveals Who The ‘Primary Focus’ Of Season 2 Will Be

David Harbour has teased season 2 of the Netflix drama just about as much as any other actor on the show. Now he’s explained that his characters daughter, Sarah,  will serve as a primary story driver for season 2.


Hopper’s daughter was spoke about quite consistently in season one, though her character does not actually appear. It is known that Sarah had passed away from Cancer prior to the events in the first episode. Though David Harbour has teased that Sarah’s story will be developed further in season 2, he did say that it may not be in the way that we think.  There has been no official casting (that we know of) for her character. Could it be that she somehow has a connection with the Upside Down? Or could it be that Hoppers experience of losing his daughter will continue to change his character? What significance to you think she will hold?

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Read what actor David Harbour told TV Guide about season 2 and Sarah below:

“Hopper’s daughter will be the primary focus of season two, but not in the way that you think it will be. Hopper’s understanding of that relationship and Hopper’s understanding of being a father, and of being a man, grows deeper and deeper in season two, and we get a lot of time to explore what that is, but it won’t be in the literal way that you think it is.”

In other ‘Stranger Things’ news – Ross Duffer believes that the show will last four seasons, should Netflix decide to continue to renew it.He said “We’re thinking it will be a four-season thing and then out.” It’s looking positive as it is already been merited a season 3, airing next year.

All episodes of ‘Stranger Things’ season 2 will be available to stream on Netflix from October 27th 2017.

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