I’m Dying Up Here Renewed For Season 2 By Showtime

The Showtime comedy ‘I’m Dying Up Here’ proved to be successful enough in its premiere season that the network has merited it with a second season.


This news is not rumour and has been officially confirmed in a press release from Showtime themselves. The show, produced by comedy star Jim Carrey will return with 10 new full-length episodes and will premiere summer 2018 with production starting very soon. How excited are you? 

I’M DYING UP HERE delves into the inspired, damaged and complicated psyches of those who stand alone in front of an audience “dying” for fame, fortune and, with any luck, a shot on Johnny Carson. This fictional group of competitive but close-knit comedians is mentored by “Goldie” (Leo), a brassy comedy club owner who rules over her business with an iron fist, but nurtures her comedians with tough love.

Expressing his excitement for season 2, Showtime boss Gary Levine said :

“It is gratifying that so many comedians tell us this series really nailed the comedy club experience. The talented ensemble of I’m Dying Up Here, led by the brilliant Melissa Leo, and an equally skilled creative team behind the scenes, tell stories that scale the heights of comedy and the depths of drama, often at the same time. Having heard their plans for season two, I’m excited about the journeys these characters will take and the new ground the show will break.”

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