Could There Be Another ‘Twin Peaks’ Movie?

‘Twin Peaks: The Return’ has now finished and in spite of many positives, it didn’t give us an ending we were all hoping for – could another movie change this?

As fans know, there already has been a Twin Peaks movie, it released following the second season of the show in 1992 and gained a lot of positive reviews. The movie was called “Fire Walk With Me”.

According to executive producer Sabrina Sutherland in a recent Reddit AMA, a movie or even a season 4 could be a possibility, though she is not yet thinking about that. She did say that if fans were to push the network Showtime they could manage to possibly squeeze out more of the franchise. Read what she said below: 

 “I’m still caught up in Season 3 to even think about Season 4 or a movie. I suppose you could show your interest to Showtime, but I’m not thinking of this yet. I want to finish this season first.”

Despite all of this, ultimately the final decision to continue the franchise goes to creator David Lynch, who is yet to say anything about the matter. The showtime chief has stated before that, should Lynch want to carry on, the network will back him.

Did you enjoy the season finale or not? Considering the amount of mixed reviews out there we’d love to know what you are thinking.

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