The Middle Season 9 Synopsis; Star Talks About The Final Season

It’s a sad and also an exciting time for ABC’s The Middle, with its ninth and final season approaching. We’ve got an official premiere synopsis as well as Frankie Heck actress Patricia Heaton talking about the ending of the show.

Season 9 of THE MIDDLE will officially release on Tuesday October 3rd on ABC. 

Patricia Heaton plays one of our favorite TV mum’s in Frankie Heck. On what she thinks about the show ending,  she definitely has mixed feelings. She say’s she is both excited and sad. She is probably excited as she is not restricted to The Middle anymore and has time to pursue other projects.

“It just feels great and exciting and also scary and also sad. I look back at the first season and I see how young the kids were, and they didn’t seem that young to me at the time.”

She talks about Atticus Shaffer, who plays the youngest Heck child Brick, and how he has grown up so much during the show. Shaffer is 19 now, and started his work on ‘The Middle’ when the show premiered in 2009 when he was aged only 10.  Read what she said below: 

“I look at Atticus [who plays Brick Heck], and I think, ‘Oh my word, he was just a baby. When I started, I still had all my kids at home and now all my kids are gone, they’re all out of the house, so we’ve lived a lot of life together here on The Middle.”

Season 9 premiere synopsis: In the premiere episode (story spoilers), Axl returns home from his summer trip to Europe, “embracing a new, chill European outlook on life”. Mike just wants him to clean up and look for a job, but Frankie thinks Axl will do this on his own and asks Mike to give him a little breathing room. Brick faces the daunting task of breaking up with his long-term girlfriend Cindy in order to prepare for his “big sophomore year” he “doesn’t want to be tied down.”

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