Stranger Things Season 2 Premiere Will Leave Hawkins And Go To A City

The Duffer Brothers recently teased that in season 2 of Stranger Things we will see a broader picture of their world, and the opening will temporarily leave Hawkins.

So far in Stranger Things we have only ever seen Hawkins (and the close surrounding area), we haven’t got to see beyond – but the opening of season 2 will take us to a more ‘urban environment’. We are still unsure where it will take us though, Any ideas?

Creators of the show, The Duffer Brothers, spoke to and said that the idea of expanding the world is exciting and will make sense when all of the story threads come together. Read what Matt Duffer said below:

“I liked opening the show in a place not in Hawkins, in an urban environment. I want people thinking maybe they’ve clicked on the show and then, boom, you realize ‘Oh now we’re still in it.’ But it’s all about broadening, and expanding our world. We have all these different threads and you don’t see how possibly all these things could come together and then slowly but surely they all play an integral role in the story this season.”

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The creators also claimed that, despite talk of ‘poor’ sequels, the second season will not fall short of expectations, and compared it to the likes of many successful sequels out there such as: T2 and Aliens and Toy Story 2 and Godfather II. These are all movies and not TV series, but we can see where he is coming from.

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