New Stranger Things Season 2 Images Show Sean Astin In Action

New images has been released revealing a first look at the new season of Stranger Things with a strange man played by Sean Astin, who could be a potential love interest for Joyce.

The images were released earlier this week by Empire Magazine & Entertainment Weekly. According to the Matt and Ross Duffer, they were hesitant to hire him for his role as his 80’s cache may ruin the immersion. As we all know, alongside Lord Of The Rings, Sean Astin’s biggest role was in one of the biggest (and best) 80’s movies ‘The Goonies’.

Speaking of the problem surrounding his role, read what the 46 year-old actor said below:

“Matt and Ross said they were really hesitant to hire me because of my ’80s cache. There is definitely a doff of the cap to that era, but it has to work on its own terms. Bob’s authentic and optimistic and responsible.”

View the images of him in action:

ST-628stranger-things-credit-netflix-ew (1)stranger-things-credit-netflix-ew

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