Andrew Lincoln Teases ‘Big Deaths’ In The Walking Dead Season 8

In a show where no one is safe this goes without saying, but ‘The Walking Dead’ star Andrew Lincoln has still seen sense and warned fans to brace themselves for the war to come.

The highly anticipated all-out-war storyline will finally come into fruition in season 8, and from the trailer it seems that Alexandria will take the first battle to Negan. Speaking with EW, Lincoln wasn’t short on holding back on teasers, he gave us a stern warning to look out for some big deaths “There’s some big deaths this season, just to warn everybody,”

Executive producer of the AMC show, Scott Gimple didn’t just agree with Andrew Lincoln but further expanded by stating that in season 8 the show will further deviate from the comics by Robert Kirkman (Its source material) and kill off characters whose story didn’t end in the books. This season could shock the comic readers who think they know what’s coming! Read what he said below:

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“In the book, ‘All-Out War,’ all things being said, there weren’t a ton of major characters that died,”

He continued:

“But I will say, when death came to narrative when we were making this, people were pretty shocked by it, and there are some very difficult times for the heroes ahead — though in unexpected ways. Almost, strangely unexpected even in the midst of a narrative called ‘All-Out War.’ There are some big deaths this season, but I think they’ll possibly catch people by surprise.”

Interesting stuff indeed, I wonder how many of these deaths will be from Lucille seeing as though the Walkers don’t pose as much as a threat anymore.

The Walking Dead makes a return with not only its season 8 premiere, but with a milestone 100th episode on October 22nd.

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