Read the latest Supernatural Spin-Off Wayward Sisters details

It seems Wayward Sisters has been a long time coming, and just now we have some exciting news about the upcoming Supernatural spin-off. You can read the interesting details below.

Set in the same world as the long-lasting TV hit Supernatural, the spin-off Wayward Sisters is finally on its way, it’s about a group of troubled women who’ve all been orphaned by supernatural tragedy. With thanks to EW, we now have some very interesting details regarding the highly-anticipated series.

The show’s executive producer Andrew Dabb told EW that with the spin-off he can expand his creativity and make something different to the parent show Supernatural. He said that he will address different ‘Issues, scenarios and characters’. Read what he said below:

“This is an opportunity to do something in the world of Supernatural that has some of the sensibilities of Supernatural but addresses a lot of issues, scenarios, and characters that are very different,”

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According to the creators of the series, Wayward Sisters will act as the ‘perfect sibling’ to Supernatural – which is currently airing its 13th season.  As for how Wayward Sisters will start, EP Robert Berens stated:  “Claire went out, she kicked ass on her own, but a crisis will occur that will force her back into the fold of the Wayward family.” Thoughts?

Talking about the series, actress Kathryn Newton who plays the teenage Claire Novak claims that the story has ‘a little more of a fantasy vibe’ to it than Supernatural, but she still insists that the spin-off will still contain the  “core Supernatural dynamic.”

“Wayward Sisters synopsis: It tells the story of Sheriff Jody Mills (Kim Rhodes) and a group of troubled young women, all of them orphaned by supernatural tragedy. Under Mills’ training and protection, the women will emerge as a supreme monster-fighting force. Unlike the original series, which centers on biological brothers, Wayward Sisters is about a sisterhood of girls in a foster family.”

The backdoor pilot is titled Wayward Sisters and it will be the tenth episode of the thirteenth season of Supernatural.

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