‘The Night Shift’ definitely cancelled despite season 5 plans

NBC drama ‘The Night Shift’ has been cancelled and unfortunately won’t be coming back despite it’s creator passionate about making more.

The night shift cancelled
Do you think The Night Shift was right to end where it did or should it have had more seasons?

In spite of the creator of the NBC medical drama ‘The Night Shift’ stating that there are ‘many stories to tell‘ in a recent interview and hinting at a season 5, there is now no chance of the highly-rated drama to return, unfortunately. Plans were in place but the decision ultimately came down to a lack of viewers to merit the cost of production.

We know this for certain as President of NBC Entertainment Jennifer Salke has confirmed it. Be sure to read exactly what she said below: 

“We want to thank our amazing creators and executive producers, Gabe Sachs and Jeff Judah, for their dedication and stellar work; a cast and crew that were second to none; and the city of Albuquerque, N.M., which graciously opened its arms to us. For four seasons The Night Shift gave audiences a window to heroic doctors, nurses and all-star medical workers who never hesitated to give their blood, sweat and time to help those most in need.”

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Synopsis: A night-shift doctor at San Antonio Memorial, T.C. Callahan struggles to find the balance between saving lives and the hard reality of running a hospital. Joining him as he faces the sometimes dangerous task of running the emergency room are his best friend — who often shoulders the unenviable job of keeping T.C. out of trouble — former Army medic, Drew; lead physician — and T.C.’s ex-girlfriend — Jordan; and surgical resident, Paul. The rigors of the job may expose some personal weaknesses, but their shared drive to save their patients bonds them together in a tight-knit group.

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