What was some fans big criticism of The Walking Dead season 8 premiere?

The Walking Dead season 8 kicked off with a huge action-packed 100th episode. An episode which saw Rick’s group take the battle to Negan, but many fans were left dazzled by the sheer lack of aiming skills.

This post contains spoilers from The Walking Dead season 8 premiere, be warned. The majority of criticisms came from Twitter, with the general consensus being how utterly dreadful the group of survivors were at firing guns.

Possibly the biggest moment was when Rick counted down from 10 before he’d start the war, he caught Negan off-guard and began shooting at at 7 from a pretty close-range straight at him, but somehow not one bullet of the hundreds fired at Negan seemed to hit him. There is another moment where Rick shoots directly at Negan, who is hiding behind some debris and yet again no bullets seem to hit, this aroused even more confusion from fans on Twitter.

If your a Walking Dead fan we really recommend you check this out, we highly recommend it.

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Since the episode aired, fans have compared the shooters to that of the famous terrible aiming from the Stormtroopers in Star Wars.

 Read some of the Tweets below:

Despite this, the season premiere still shown some good improvements over the poor ratings of last season. Also, like most action movies going they contain abysmal aiming, so TWD definitely isn’t alone in that category and the episode was still entertaining. We’ve seen it before with The Governor too, but this episode is probably the most notable or bad aiming.

One last thing – how badass was Daryl in this episode, right? 

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