‘Beyond Stranger Things’: Netflix create after-show for the drama

Netflix has cooked an after-show for its highly-anticipated second season of Stranger Things which goes by the name of ‘Beyond Stranger Things’.


This after-show obviously stands on the shoulders of Talking Dead, AMC’s after-show for its huge drama The Walking Dead. Will ‘Beyond Stranger Things’ prove to be as successful, well that remains to be seen.

The after-show will contain interviews with the cast and tell behind-the-scenes stories as well as go into detail with the story of the second season. It will be hosted by writer, producer, actor and “super fan” Jim Rash.

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Watch the BEYOND STRANGER THINGS trailer released today by Netflix below: 

All seven episodes will be available to watch on Oct 27, the same day Stranger Things 2 is released on the streaming platform.


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