’24’ reportedly getting another Spin-Off series from FOX

The 24 producers and FOX are plotting a female-led revival of the franchise.


With FOX cancelling the 24 spin-off series ’24 Legacy’ due to a mix of low viewership and poor ratings, FOX may have another crack at rejuvenating the franchise with another, quite different spin-off series.

The proposed idea for the spin-off definitely takes the show in a new direction, but it could prove to be a logical step forward for the 24 brand. All-in-all, FOX will make it imperative that they avoid the mistakes that led to the downfall of 24 Leagacy at all costs. Below you can read an early synopsis. 

News outlet Deadline wrote a recent report that FOX is currently aiming to take another crack at 24, but with a notably different twist. Instead of returning to the world of Jack Bauer and CTU, the new take on 24 will reportedly center on a female protagonist immersed in the world of criminal justice. At this current moment, the rumored premise of the anthological take on 24 is that it will follow a female attorney racing against the ever-ticking clock to exonerate a death row inmate that she helped put away when new evidence suggests that he may actually be innocent.

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Do you think 24 has a future without Kiefer Sutherland’s character Jack Bauer or do you think it wouldn’t be the same without him?

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  1. Without Jack Bauer, it is not 24! Bring back Kiefer Sutherland after Designated Survivor. Make it happen. You can do this other series, but it’s not 24 and will never be and do NOT call it that EVER. No Jack Bauer, no watching for this original 24 fan! Kiefer Sutherland as Jack Bauer was and is the star of the show, the real time and ticking clock just added to an already great show.

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