Peaky Blinders Movie ‘Probably’ Happening, According To Creator

The historical drama Peaky Blinders could end with a movie, according to the series creator Steven Knight.

Peaky Blinders Movie 'Probably' Happening, According To Creator
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Series four kicks off very soon, the 15th of this month, and there has been a lot of talk regarding the future of the drama which is extremely highly rated. We can confirm that  the 1920’s drama was merited a double renewal by BBC two for series four and five. With the series hugely backed by BBC, and with the creator considering one, could there be a Peaky Blinders Move?

Steven Knight, the series creator told press that a movie will ‘Probably’ happen, he said in full: “We’re probably going to do it.”

However, the cast are not as optimistic as Knight, star Cillian Murphy has revealed that he’s skeptical, but he’ll take part should the writing be up to par. He said: “If the writing’s as good as it is for the show, then for sure, yeah”.

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Co-star Paul Anderson had an even more cautious approach to the prospect of a movie, he said:

“I don’t know if a Peaky Blinders film would work, or can work. Maybe when it’s sort of done, then maybe a movie? There is talk of it, and if I believed in the script enough, and thought it could work, then why not? But like I say, there’s very few TV shows that do that. You wouldn’t want to end a good TV series with a bad movie.”

(Source: Digital Spy)

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