Taboo Creator Drops New Details On Season 2

Creator of the hit BBC drama Taboo, Steven Knight has revealed that he has began writing the highly anticipated second season.

Taboo was lead by Tom Hardy and was written by his father Chips Hardy as well as Peaky Blinders creator Steven Knight. The drama was left highly regarded by top critics and left fans eagerly anticipating a second season.

Teasing the new season, Knight said:

“I’m writing it right now and I’m hoping it will go in an unexpected direction,”

Speaking in more detail about the new direction he wants to take the series to he said:

“We’re heading west literally, geographically, but not as far west as they were hoping and it’s going to involve a period of history that’s pretty much never been dramatically explored.

“It’s a period of history that I find fascinating and a conflict in 1814, it’s going to be about that. The war between Britain and America was still going on, so it’s do with the war.”

We are still not informed of a release date for the next season and Knight has said that casting has yet to begin, and it will start when the first three episodes are written. You should expect the new season to be out by 2019.

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