Netflix and George RR Martin Begin Work On A New Drama ‘Nightflyers’

George RR Martin will see his horror novella Nightflyers adapted into a TV series by Netflix next year.


Netflix vision that the science-fiction horror stories will prove to be a success as a TV series, since Martin released the stories back in 1980 it was also adapted as a movie in 1987. Nightflyers tells the stories of a starship crew who begin mysteriously dying one by one, electronic zombies, recreational warfare, a primitive alien culture, and an experiment in deep space

As we all know, George RR Martin is the man behind the A Song of Ice and Fire novels, which were adapted by HBO into Game Of Thrones, one of the best and most successful TV series of all time.

Nightflyers has been picked up by Netflix for an initial one season, which will last 10 episodes. George RR Martin teased that the drama could feature some of the same actors from Game of Thrones and it will have a similar ‘substantial budget’.

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Read in full what Martin said on his LiveJournal blog below: 

“I was delighted to have the chance to sit down and talk with [writer/creator] Jeff and [showrunner] Daniel, and learn more of their plans. NIGHTFLYERS was only a pilot script in May, but subsequently it has been picked up for a full ten-episode season order, with a substantial budget, one that should allow them to create a show that looks as good as modern audiences expect.

They showed me drawings of some of the set designs, some very cool sets. They even showed me the NIGHTFLYER herself.”

The show will be shot in Ireland, like Game of Thrones, and therefore it makes it highly possible for the crew to take some of the actors whose characters were killed-off in GoT.

Martin also teased: 

Presently Cerone and Buhler and their team are deep in the throes of pre-production and casting… and I have some news on the casting front as well, a casting that has pleased me more than I can possibly say, which I will save for another post.”

If you want to get ahead of the game than you can buy and read Nightflyers here.

We don’t have a release date yet, but you can expect some huge news within the next six months, and a release most likely in 2019.

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