Quentin Tarantino Making New ‘Star Trek’ Movie With JJ Abrams

Quentin Tarantino will take the reins on the Star Trek franchise and produce a new movie with his original idea which he shared with JJ Abrams.


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I know what you’re thinking, this is intriguing to say the least!. Quentin truly will venture where he’s never been before with this idea. Both Tarantino and Abrams will work with Paramount and assemble a writers room and begin to piece the new movie together. Sources told Deadline that the Pulp Fiction director ‘has come up with a great idea for a Star Trek movie at Paramount’

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Tarantino’s take on Star Trek won’t be coming anytime soon, as JJ Abrams is still hard at work producing Star Wars Episode IX. Should the movie happen, Tarantino will serve as director and Abrams will produce it.

Tarantino has expressed a willingness to work on some of the world’s biggest franchises before, including the most notable James Bond. It seems as if he’s got his wish with Star Trek. He’s known for working on completely original movies, and he has only took the reins on already running series for a couple of episodes of CSI, and ER.

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