Game Of Thrones Ranked As The best Fan-base Of 2017

2017 has been the year of ‘Game Of Thrones’, the biggest TV show on earth, with the best fanbase too as voted for by fans.


Fansided has crowned Game Of Thrones as having the world’s best fanbase for a TV show. The vote included all drama’s and reality & game shows. The fanbase of GoT has spread global like a virus, making it the top show in the whole of Europe and USA.  It’s season 7 finale broke a world-record 16.1 Million viewers which is unheard of for a TV show.

Game Of Thrones has dethroned The Walking Dead as having the world’s best fanbase.

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Other shows coming in on the list include (in order):

10. Rupaul’s Drag Race

9. Empire

8. Stranger Things

7. This Is Us

6. WWE

5. The Bachelor

4. Rick and Morty

3.  Doctor Who

2. The Walking Dead

  1. Game Of Thrones

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