How Long Will ‘Narcos’ Last?

With news emerging that Netflix have mixed up the casting for the upcoming fourth season of Narcos, how many more seasons do you think we’ll see?

Realistically, Narcos will come to an end when Netflix cannot see a future in it. The main reason shows are cancelled is because they do not get good viewing figures. At the moment Narcos is pulling in enough to merit more seasons, but if the quality of the drama drops due to the re-casting than viewers will begin to leave, putting it in danger of cancellation.

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Narcos showrunner Eric Newman recently said that he believes his drug drama could last ‘forever’ if it wanted to, and he already has plans to surpass the current four seasons. Read what he said to THR below:

I know we’d like to do more than four seasons and I know that we have the material. With history as a guide, we could go forever. Our M.O. is that we work very closely with people to whom these things happen, particularly on the law enforcement and DEA side.

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Season 4 of Narcos will see two new actors come in, both Michael Peña, who is best known for Ant Man & Diego Luna, who was in Rogue One: A Star Wars Story.

Production for season 4 is well underway, with the crew having filmed the first two episodes.

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