Robert Kirkman Explains Delays For Overkill’s The Walking Dead Game

Due to rising impatience from fans over the anticipated release of Overkill’s The Walking Dead game, Robert Kirkman has decided to offer an explanation to the big delay.


In short, Kirkman has said that there has been a delay because the developers do not think the game has yet to reach its full potential, and will continue to produce to make it the best it can possibly be.

Robert Kirkman tlaks the walking dead epic season finale
The Walking Dead creator Robert Kirkman

Since the release of the AMC show, there have been several attempts at making Walking Dead games, and many have failed, with the exception of the Telltale series which many believe is now better than the show itself.

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Kirkman, who created The Walking Dead comics which first published in 2003, said the game developer is making the upcoming game “as great as it can be.” He joked that it’s not a date he’s making, but a game. The original release date for the open-world game was meant to be way back in 2016, and it now looks to be closer to fall of 2018. Do you think it could be delayed again? 

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Read what Kirkman said below: 

“We’re not making a date here. We’re making a great game.”

We are yet to meet more than the one character in the game. We know Aidan, who appeared in the trailer released recently.  Prior to the apocalypse, Aidan appears to have been a business man in Washington D.C. unhappily plugging away with his boss breathing down his neck. The apocalypse, however, has forced him to unleash his inner survival instinct, with the trailer showing his quick thinking and weapon of choice: a baseball bat with screws in it.
No official release date has been set yet, but ongoing reports are suggesting that we’ll get a new trailer and a release date after the season 8 finale airs.

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