Peaky Blinders: The Musical – Latest Developments and Updates

The much mooted idea of a Peaky Blinders musical could come into fruition, with the west-end version ‘going great’ & ‘moving along’ in its development. Read below what the future of the franchise has in store for us.

Peaky Blinders Movie 'Probably' Happening, According To Creator
Would you like to see a Peaky Blinders musical?

As with a lot of highly-rated shows, BBC and Netflix want to give the franchise a new life after Peaky Blinders finishes as a series. There have been a couple of possible paths the show could take which have been circling the news,  including a feature movie and a musical.

Peaky Blinders creator Steven Knight is looking to create his first musical.

On the topic of the musical, the shows creator Steven Knight in the past months revealed that a musical isn’t an idea he would not shy away from, saying it could be “a Les Miz sort of thing,”  adding that music has always been a factor [of the show].”

He also told Digital Spy: “We were approached by people who said they thought it would make a great musical… so who would not want to do that? I’m taking it seriously. But I’ve got to get series five [of the TV series] out of the way [first].”

You should also be aware that its not only a musical that the creators are thinking of developing, but a movie which creator Steven Knight said is entirely ‘possible’ to happen.  There is this as well as a very possible couple more seasons. Steven Knight has full backing from the networks that make Peaky Blinders so anything is possible.

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Recently, the shows executive producer Caryn Mandabach informed Deadline that developments of the musical are moving forward, but warned that we should not expect any sort of official announcement anytime soon. Read hat she said below: 

“[The Peaky musical is] going great, bumping along. It’s not going to happen tomorrow, but we’re actively meeting about it and having a blast. You can only imagine those meetings are real fun. Steve said he’d turn in the treatment of what would happen in February, so we have that to look forward to. I have no info further about the movie, I can only say we have continued support from extraordinary artistic forces.”

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Star actor Cillian Murphy id reveal however, that when the musical happens he has no interest in joining the cast. A shame. He said: “I’ve heard about it, but that’s not for me.”

If the decision were down to you, which would you rather have: A movie or a musical? Leave a comment below!




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