Reports Suggest 24% Of British People Know The Game Of Thrones Story Better Than The Nativity

Everybody knows the Nativity, it goes without saying. It is one of the greatest stories ever told. Recent reports suggest that a large 24% of Brits are more familiar with the epic Game Of Thrones story than the birth of Jesus Christ.


Does this stat shock you? The report came recently from EMP who not only asked this question but also came up with some other interesting similar stats which we’ll tell you about.

As well as this stat, a question was raised as to whether people would care more about who will sit the Iron Throne at the end of the Game of Thrones than who will succeed the actual Queen of England. The star came out in favor of who will succeed the Queen of England, but 28% said they would rather know who’ll sit on the Iron Throne.

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Also, on Christmas day the Queen does her annual speech. Another question was put to Brits as to whether they would rather watch the queen’s speech or watch an episode of Game Of Thrones. This will shock you, as the number of people came out in favor of watching an episode of GoT. That’s 56% of people!

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These stats just put it into perceptive how utterly huge the show has become, it is quite possibly the biggest show ever made, and more likely the best ever. Did any of these numbers shock you? If so which one? 

Vote for yourself below on a poll we created, which is not limited to just Brits.

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