Netflix Make ‘Friends’ Available To Stream In The UK

It’s about time Netflix made ‘Friends’ available to stream in the UK. The announcement was made by a tweet.


Despite the delight of some fans, many have countered the news by asking for different shows to be added. Other shows viewers want in the UK include Scrubs & The Office US.

The Office US was the main program viewers demanded, with a Twitter users reply gaining hundreds of RT’s and favorites,  but we’ll more than settle with ‘Friends’. Will you?  A few days ago Netflix teased its UK viewers with the Tweet: ‘The One with the Show Everyone’s Been Asking Us to Add’ – obviously being a pun of the Friends episode titles.

You may also like to read this insanely stupid but completely believable Friends fan-theory where someone tries to prove that the drama is a platform for the rise of Starbucks… seriously! Read it here.

Netflix Make 'Friends' Available To Stream In The UK Click To Tweet

See the New Year announcement Tweet below:

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