Game Of Thrones Season 8: Kit Harrington Warns Fans They Might Be Disappointed With Ending

Game Of Thrones star Kit Harrington has revealed to fans that the ending of the HBO drama might lot live up to expectations.



The highly anticipated final season is set to take over a year to produce and will be released around summer of 2019.

Kit, who portrays the fan-favorite Jon Snow on the HBO fantasy has revealed that there are even higher stakes this season to make the six episodes the absolute best they can be, but this comes with a huge amount of pressure. He says the season could easily be a let down. Read what he said below: 

”I think there’s a certain pressure I’ve not felt before.”

”Whereas before, every year there’s always been a bit of pressure, this season is one where we could easily let people down,” he continued, talking about how every actor needs to step it up. “Obviously, we don’t want to do that so we’re very much stepping up everyone’s game which is very apparent, at least to me.”

Since season 7 aired, Kit has had a busy few months, specifically getting engaged to his former Game Of Thrones co-star Rose Leslie, who played Ygritte.

In other GoT news. Actor Peter Dinklage has warned fans to not buy huskies as their own Direwolves because they are putting the animals in great danger. Fans are buying these animals and not knowing how to look after them, and abandoning the pets. Animal shelters have seen a rise of almost a double of huskies being abandoned as the drama grew in popularity. Read more here.

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Game of Thrones will return to Sky Atlantic in 2019.


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