Twin Peaks: Showtime Has Its Door Open To More Seasons

If you were in the crowd of people that loved the return of Twin Peaks – you’ll be thrilled to learn that Showtime will happily helm more seasons should the creators wish to make more.


Following the ultra highly-anticipated return of Twin Peaks, Showtime programming president Gary Levine revealed to Entertainment Weekly that he was thrilled with how the comeback season went, he said: “We’re thrilled we did Twin Peaks, absolutely thrilled.”

Twin Peaks co-creator David Lynch

Levine continued to praise creator David Lynch, and how he was able to direct all 18 episodes, he described Lynch’s efforts as ‘herculean’ & ‘extraordinary’.

In full, Showtime president Gary Levine said: “The work was extraordinary, the fan reaction was extraordinary… It took 25 years for [Frost and Lynch] to go from 1.0 to 2.0. Add to that what David did in the last few years was nothing short of herculean — to direct 18 consecutive hours of television. … It’s a herculean task and he did it so beautifully. I don’t know how soon he wants to do [more]. The door is always open to Mark and David for Twin Peaks — or anything else they want to talk about.”

Speaking in a recent interview with The Hollywood Reporter David Lynch revealed that he still doesn’t know if he’ll bring us back to Twin Peaks again, he didn’t rule it out though. As you can read here the series co-creator Mark Frost has also said that both himself and Lynch are still very much undecided about a potential comeback, though Showtime would back the duo to create a new season should they wish to.

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Read what David Lynch said below: 

“I don’t know. It’s too early to say that right now. I’ve learned never say never.”

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