Ready Player One: Actress Lena Waithe Teases Her Role & Praises Steven Spielberg

It’s not long now until Steven Spielberg unleashes his ambitious new project ‘Ready Player One’ into the world, where he takes us inside the OASIS, a virtual world where a huge Easter Egg is waiting to be found.

Do you think Ready Player One will be good?

‘Ready Player One’ is an upcoming sci-fi fantasy movie based on the award-winning novel by Ernest Cline and it could be the next big thing.

Ready Player One actress Lena Waithe

Lena Waithe is set to play a key role in the movie, with the IMDb page confirming she will portray our protagonist’s best friend Aech. We cannot be certain of her role, and Lena commented about this as well as her excitement for the upcoming movie. Read what she said: 

“Here’s the thing. I can’t comment on that. I can’t comment on what I play, but I was honored to be a part of that movie. I think I’m going to see it soon. I don’t know when. It was the most joyous time of my life. It’s probably the biggest thing I’ve ever been a part of because Steven doesn’t do things small, at all. I think it’s going to be a really fun movie and I can’t wait for everybody to see it.”

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She also spoke about working with Steven Spielberg, and mentioned a ‘cool trick’ that he uses in order to get the most out of the cast. She said, “He does a really cool trick where, to get you out of your head when you’re doing a take, he’s like, ‘Do it really fast. Do it as fast as humanly possible.’ She did confirm that she thinks the trick works.

Image of Tye Sheridan playing Wade Watts in ‘Ready Player One’

For those of you who have not read the book and want to know a little about what the story is about, read our quick synopsis here: The book is set in a dystopian 2044 and gives the story of Wade Watts, one of the millions of geeks worldwide who live their life through plugged in to a realistic alternate-world Virtual Reality simulator called the OASIS. When the creator of the OASIS James Halliday dies, he leaves a video in his will that the billions in fortunes of the OASIS and the rights to the universe itself will go to the person who finds the meticulously hidden Easter Egg in one of the thousands of worlds in the OASIS. Upon searching for it, competitors must solve riddles from Halliday himself, which contain 1980’s trivia questions. Wade Watts sets his eyes on finding the Egg along with millions of geeks, along the way he meets both friends and enemies and faces many trials and tribulations.

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If you’ve never read Ready Player One, it’s a must read! Get it here. You can also get Ernest Cline’s other more recent science-fiction novel Armada here.

In other Ready Player One news, according to the movie screenwriter Zak Penn, the author Ernest Cline is already planning a sequel following the success of the first novel. Read what Penn told Den Of Geek below: 

“Ernie’s working on a sequel to it [Ready Player One], and it is one of those great ideas that has endless possibilities. And to a certain extent, the longer it exists and the more Ernie thinks about it, the more he comes up with.”

This got us thinking, would you like a ‘Ready Player Two’?

Ready Player One releases in cinemas March 30, 2018

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