10 Huge Actors And The Football Teams They Support

Have you ever wondered which football team your favorite actors and actresses support? Find out here. From Star Wars legend Mark Hamill to Stranger Things star Millie Bobby Brown, what about Kit Harrington from Game Of Thrones? Some of these actors and who they support could really shock you! Check them out and see if they follow your favorite team.

1. Mark Hamill – Liverpool FC


That’s right! The man who played the iconic role of Luke Skywalker in Star Wars is a red. Well, he has revealed that he isn’t a huge fan of the sport, but because he’s a big fan of the Beatles, who come from Liverpool, he favors Liverpool FC to any other Premier League team. That’s a good enough reason, especially for any LFC fans out there.

Mark Hamill countered talk of him being a Wolves fan by Tweeting his allegiance, obviously confirming that he, in fact, supports Liverpool FC. People initially thought he was a Wolverhampton fan after someone asked him if he supports ‘Wolves’, Mark said yes thinking the person was talking about the animal and not the team. He later confirmed that he is not a Wolverhampton fan, much to the sheer disappointment of their fans.


2. Tom Hanks – Aston Villa


The 61-year old American actor, and lets face it, one of the biggest actors in the world, Tom Hanks is definitely an Aston Villa fan and, unlike Mark Hamill, Hanks actively supports the Premier League side and is very passionate about the sport.

The Forrest Gump and Cast Away actor has even visited Aston Villa away matches and took pictures with the manager and players. He has even revealed that he plans to travel to Birmingham and attend a match at Villa Park someday.

If that wasn’t enough for you, Tom Hanks has even spoke about investing in the club to help with development. Aston Villa were relegated from England’s top division into the Championship. It really makes you wonder, where his investment would take the club if he were to invest?


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3. Will Ferrell – Chelsea FC


Will Ferrell is a pretty big Chelsea supporter, quite literally. He has attended many matches both at Chelsea’s home ground and away from home over the year. He has also been allowed to go into the changing rooms after games to have pictures taken with the Chelsea players, including three of their star men in wingers Eden Hazard and Pedro, as well as the midfielder N’Golo Kante. Who was more excited to see who?

The 50-year old actor is seen all the time supporting his team at Chelsea’s famous home stadium Stamford Bridge


4. Kevin Costner – Arsenal FC


The Bodyguard and Hidden Figures actor Kevin Costner has revealed that he is a big football fan when he was in London filming his movie Criminal, he took a time out to attend an Arsenal match at the Emirates Staduim, where he claimed, ‘Arsenal is my team!’

In his movie (Criminal), Coster managed to persuade the production crew to make his character a fan of Arsenal FC and his character was made one. Doesn’t that show how big a fan he really is?


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5. Sylvester Stallone – Everton FC


The huge actor who is best known for his roles of Rocky and Rambo is a massive fan of Everton. He even appeared to the crowd at Goodison Park at half-time during a game against West Brom to deliver a message to Toffee fans, while kitted out in an Everton shirt. He used to crowd to generate an atmosphere to record sound for his upcoming movie ‘Creed’. Stallone was first intoduced to EFC by the clubs owner Bill Kenwright and fell in ove with them.

The actor still makes regular cameos at Everton.


6. Millie Bobby Brown – Liverpool FC


13-year old Millie Bobby Brown took the world by storm with her performance as Eleven in the massive Netflix hit Stranger Things, which is well up there with the biggest and greatest TV shows in the world at the moment. The young actress has put photographs on her Instagram of herself wearing the famous red shirt with ‘Millie 11’ on the back, the 11 clearly inspired by the name of her Stranger Things character.

So far she has only attended Liverpool’s stadium Anfield for one game, which was a big 1-0 victory over Manchester City. After the game she was able to meet German midfielder Emre Can. In an interview will Liverpool FC she revealed her favorite player to be none other than the Brazilian magician Coutinho, who has moved on to Barcelona since in a massive £142 million move.


7. Mila Kunis – Watford City


The 34-year old American actress known for Bad Moms and the voice of Meg in Family Guy is a Watford fan. In a similar fashion to Mark Hamill being a fan of Liverpool, she has never been a life long fan, in fact she was more talked into it, but by who? Radio 1 presenter Chris Stark was the man behind making her support Watford. Since, he has also made Friends star Jennifer Anniston, who played Rachael Green support the Premier League side. I’d say that’s pretty good going.

When the idea came up if she was willing to visit a Hornets game, she didn’t shy away from the opportunity and said she’d ‘love’ to go to a match!


8. Hugh Jackman  – Norwich City


You read that right! The massive American actor, and Wolverine we must not forget, is a massive fan of Norwich City, and has even revealed that in the past he was tempted by an opportunity to invest in the club. Jackman was not talked into being a fan, he has supported them for the majority of his life!

He has confirmed that he has been to two matches of Norwich City, both at the home ground Carrow Road.


9. Patrick Stewart – Huddersfield FC


Patrick Stewart, who stars alongside Hugh Jackman in Logan, is a massive Huddersfield fan. He was born close to Huddersfield and has been a life-long fan of the side which makes him more abviously a fan compared to others on this list.

Unlike others on this list, the 77-year old actor best known for his role in Star Trek: The Next Generation, is not just a big fan, he is possibly the biggest fan on this whole list. Stewart is President of the Huddersfield Town FC Academy. He also frequently attends matches.


10. Kit Harrington – Manchester United


The King in the North had to follow a team from north of England, that side being Premier League giants Manchester United.

The actor, of whom we all know portrays Jon Snow on the HBO fantasy Game Of Thrones first revealed himself to be a United fan after the transfer of Wayne Rooney was on the verge of being completed to Everton. He said that in spite of growing up in London, from a really young age he has been a Manchester United fan. His parents were not fans of the sport, but his brother idolized United making his support them.

If you were wondering, the Jon Snow actor was happy to see Wayne Rooney part ways with Manchester United to join his boyhood club Everton.


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