‘Stranger Things’ Star David Harbour Refuses To Give Any Season 3 Details

Stranger Things star David Harbour has vowed that he is not even willing to speak about season three of the Netflix drama, a tactic he didn’t use for season 2.

We won’t be getting any Stranger Things season 3 teasers from David Harbour anytime soon.

David Harbour has fast become an absolute fan favorite actor since his time as the awesome Jim Hopper on the show, so much so that he’s even accepted an invitation to get ordained and officiate a super-fan’s wedding in September, provided it does not cross paths with the filming of the new episodes. He also requested, “to read an esteemed love letter of my choosing, and after the cake is officially cut, I get the very first piece.”

David Harbour

The American actor spoke a lot about season 2 of Stranger Things and gave a couple of interesting insights into the season on the run up to its highly successful release, which made it the number one most in-demand show in the US at the time. However, Harbour has spoke of a different approach he will take for season 3, that being keeping his mouth shut at all times and not talk about it to anyone. He has hinted that he may have gotten himself in a spot of bother for revealing tiny details in the past.

Before challenging himself to not speak about season 3, he did tease fans that the new episodes will be very fun, he said: “I haven’t read the scripts yet but from what [I heard], it sounds really, really fun and really amazing”

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Regarding the evasion of giving away spoilers, he told Time Out“I get in so much trouble revealing little things, so my mouth has been completely shut any time someone asks [about season three].”

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We’ve got a couple of new details, the most exciting of which is that there might be a new villain, despite fans thinking that season 3 will revolve around the Mind Flayer, as was teased in the very final scene of season 2. When producer Shaun Levy was asked by Glamour if the Mind Flayer would play a pivotal arch-villain role in season 3, Levy replied: “You might assume that but you would probably end up being wrong. We’re dealing with forces of evil that are new.”

In between seasons of Stranger Things, David Harbour recently finished shooting the Hellboy reboot which is set for release in 2019, along with season 3 of Stranger Things.

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