Vikings Season 5B will have ‘significant deaths’ according to writer Michael Hirst

Vikings creator Michael Hirst has revealed that there will be more ‘significant deaths’ to come in season 5B.

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Hirst has not been one to shy away from killing off recurring cast members. Most notably, he wrote the death of the central protagonist Ragnar Lothbrok in season 4B. So far in season 5 the most shocking character death has probably been Aethelwulf who was killed after an allergic reaction to a bee sting, a death that shocked and surprised fans everywhere because he was considered to be a safe character.

All Hail "Vikings" at Comic-Con International 2013 - "Vikings" Media Room
‘Vikings’ creator Michael Hirst

It seems that Michael Hirst won’t be letting up of killing his characters. In a recent interview with RadioTimes he said that there will be even more significant deaths to come. Who could it be? When asked about deaths in season 5B, Hirst said, “There are, in [season] five B, significant deaths,”

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As we were speculating for months that fan-favorite Lagertha might die in season 5A, she did not. At the end of episode 10, however, she did seem like a broken woman in a scene that has sparked speculation throughout the whole fanbase. The English screenwriter addressed that scene and teased that even though Lagertha looks like she might die in the coming episodes, it might not actually happen.

Katheryn Winnick as Lagertha in Vikings 5×10

“Not necessarily [Lagertha be killed in 5B],” Hirst teased. “I know there’s a lot of speculation about that, people are reading the runes, but I would say don’t misread the runes. There are lots of big changes in her life but it doesn’t necessarily mean that she’s exiting – or that she’s not!”

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Even though Lagertha is a character that many suspect her story could be approaching an end (let’s hope not!) there are other characters that could be killed off in 5B. Do you have any theories?

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