‘The KingKiller Chronicle’ Book 3 WON’T be the last novel set in Temerant

Fantasy author Patrick Rothfuss has plans to take us on more adventures in the Four Corners of Civilization/Temerant after the conclusion of his Kingkiller Chronicle series.

The KingKiller Chronicle is widely regarded as one of the greatest epic fantasy series of the last decade and has just released an absolutely stunning 10th anniversary edition of The Name of the Wind, you can buy it here or if you have not already read it you can buy the cheaper original edition here.

Patrick Rothfuss

At the moment the novels set in the world of Temerant consist of ‘The Name Of The Wind’, ‘The Wise Man’s Fear‘ and ‘The Doors of Stone’ (upcoming). Rothfuss has also wrote a novella and two short stories in the same world too, these are: ‘The Slow Regard Of Silent Things‘ (Novella), ‘The Lightning Tree’ and ‘How Old Holly Came To Be’.

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OK, so we’ve been waiting many years for book 3 to release, and it’s not showing any immediate signs of releasing anytime soon, so by the time Rothfuss gets to completing additional novels we could be waiting possibly decades. Despite a possible long wait, the writer told fans that his upcoming conclusion novel of The Kingkiller Chronicle is actually a prologue and sets up over stories to come after. 

As reported by Tor, Rothfuss confirmed that book 3 will not be the complete ending. “Book 3 closes this arc of story.” He said.  “Book 3 will not be the final book set in this world. Big distinction there!”

The fantasy author also spoke to Newsweek more recently, where he claimed that he’s tricked all fans of his novels, saying, “I am an author who has tricked you into reading a trilogy that is a million-word prologue.”

Aside from the novels, last year Lionsgate acquired the rights to the fantasy franchise and have plans to produce a series of movies and a TV show as well as a game. Wee already know that the movies will be directed by Evil Dead director Sam Raimi and will be produced by none other that Lin-Manuel Miranda.

Lionsgate  with The Kingkiller Chronicle are not the only network looking to fill the huge fantasy gap when Game of Thrones sadly leaves us in 2019, with Netflix having a TV series of The Witcher in development. Amazon are bringing Lord of the Rings back in the form of a TV series as well as another adaptation of Stephen King’s The Dark TowerIt’s certain that in the coming years there will be no shortage of quality fantasy!

Do you have any theories of how The Kingkiller Chronicle might end?

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