Stephen King Raises Questions on ‘The Walking Dead’

Stephen King has expressed his opinion of The Walking Dead season 8 on Twitter, and the author has asked some interesting questions.

Season 8 spoilers: Episode 10 gave us an absolutely awesome scene of Jadis after seeing her group of survivors brutally murdered by Simon. Jadis, who was alone and had no gun, used a meat grinder to kill the Walkers. Despite this scene being completely badass, the best-selling horror writer Stephen King took to Twitter and asked the question – how did Jadis manage to get the power that’s needed to run the grinder?

Stephen King's The Bone Church being made into a TV Series
Stephen King

“The latest episode of The Walking Dead featured a very cool zombie meatgrinder,” Stephen King Tweeted, “Impossible to tell where Jadis got the 440 volts necessary to run it, but that’s just a quibble; she turned them into spaghetti sauce. Yum!”

This wasn’t the only problem Stephen King observed about the season so far, he also noticed a continuity error in a scene showing Carl’s grave. “You’re right, of course. But then…there was the opening, over Carl’s grave,” King said. “The lonesome wind was a nice touch, but not one leaf on one tree was moving. Take THAT, Twitterverse!”

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Stephen King finally went out to ask the question that all Walking Dead fans ask, and that’s, “After eight years, how come the zombies don’t, like, biodegrade?” There are a lot of theories surrounding this topic, of course. It’s important to notice that over the eight seasons of the show, the logo on the intro has begun to dramatically degrade.

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In other Walking Dead news, it seems AMC want to expand the franchise longer with ‘multiple’ new spin-offs in the works. Why would they not create more after the success of Fear the Walking Dead?

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