The Walking Dead Creator Teases Who Will Lead If Rick Dies

Creator of The Walking Dead comics, Robert Kirkman, has once again spoke about the future of the franchise. He’s told us who will take over as lead character if protagonist Rick Grimes’ story comes to an end.

This isn’t the first time Robert Kirkman has spoke about the future of The Walking Dead, nor will it be the last. In the past, Kirkman has suggested that there will never be a cure, and that he set out to write the comics as a zombie story that never ends.

If AMC want to keep the show on air for as long as possible, which they have already hinted at, the network will have to take into consideration that lead character Rick Grimes (played by Andrew Lincoln) will have to die at some point. They also need to remember that Andrew Lincoln may want or need to leave the show at some point, which raises the question: Who will become the lead character after Rick Grimes dies?

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In a recent interview with ComicBook , Robert Kirkman confirmed that Rick will have to die at some point, which is pretty obvious, what we need to know is whether we will see it play out on screen or not.  “Yeah, of course [Rick will die].” Kirkman confirmed.

As for who the new lead would be, he said that Rick’s daughter (or Shane’s) Judith could take the lead as central protagonist. “Well, that’s a question, right? Who knows?” he said. “Maybe it’s a character that hasn’t been introduced yet. Maybe it’ll be Judith, who knows.”

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If it is Judith who takes over, it’ll be many seasons from now, unless AMC decide to do a huge time jump, which won’t happen.

In past weeks a lot has happened behind-the-scenes of the drama. We have seen The Walking Dead strike a season 9 renewal, with a brand new showrunner, with AMC taking bold moves and taking Scott Gimple away from that position and making him Chief Content Officer at AMC.

The new showrunner will be former co-executive producer Angela Kang, who was promoted into this position. Angela Kang joined in The Walking Dead writing staff in Season 2 as a Story Editor. She then went on to become co-Executive Producer by Season 5 till season 8. In season 9 she will act as showrunner. No pressure.

If a character were to take lead role after Rick dies, who would you choose? Would it be Judith?

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