‘Toy Story 4’ Official Release Date Announced

The official release date for ‘Toy Story 4’ has been announced, and the wait is not as long as was initially thought.

The sequel to Toy Story 3, which released in 2010, will release nine years later on June 21st 2019. The sequel was first meant to release earlier, but The Incredibles 2 took priority so the new Toy Story was pushed back, then it was pushed back yet again due to production problems, but now Toy Story 4 is on the horizon after director Josh Cooley announced on his Twitter an image of the famous logo with the caption ‘JUNE 24TH 2019’. This release date is now much earlier than we expected.

Shortly after Josh Cooley made the anticipated announcement, the official Toy Story Facebook page made the announcement too with an image of the number ‘4’ made out of yellow and red post-its, captioning it “Reach for the post-it! Toy Story 4 comes to theaters on June 21, 2019. 🎉”

The movie is directed by Josh Cooley with co-director Jonas Rivera, and with the screenplay being written by Stephany Folsom.

 St the Tweet sent out below:

'Toy Story 4' Official Release Date Announced Click To Tweet

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Do you think Toy Story 4 will be a success?

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