Seth McFarlane’s Bordertown – Total Trash? (Review)

A review of the highly anticipated FOX adult comedy, Bordertown.


The Walking Dead – What Next for Morgan and Carol? What is “The Kingdom”?

The new season of The Walking Dead is coming this fall. Find out the new adventures we will encounter next season.

Family Guy quiz

Family Guy Trivia Quiz (All Seasons)

Test out your Family Guy Knowledge with my 10 question quiz.

30 Hilarious “Breaking Bad” Memes You Must See!

the 30 best Breaking Bad Memes on the internet.

Why You Should be Watching Vikings? | DragonFeed

A short blog post fully explaining why you should be watching the hit HISTORY TV series, Vikings.

Top 10 Best Game of Thrones Intro Remakes/Parodies!

Welcome to our list gathering our top 10 parodies of the famous ‘Game Of Thrones’ intro.

30 ‘The Walking Dead’ Memes That’ll Make You Laugh! | DragonFeed

30 Hilarious ‘The Walking Dead’ Memes That Are Sure To Make You Laugh

How Twitter Reacted to “Outcast” Episode 1 | DragonFeed

So I know the series premiered some time back now but I still wanted to create this because I personally thought the series pilot was absolutely fantastic. I was lucky enough to watch the series online when it premiered on Facebook. It will be available to everyone else […]

Twitter Reacts – Game of Thrones S6Ep5 – “The Door” | DragonFeed

So the latest installment of Game of Thrones was absolutely awesome, this season just gets better and better! Up to this point it has to be the best one yet in my opinion and there is still so much more to come. After the episode I took to […]

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